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  • MX91602 Video Conferencing
  • MX91602 Video Conferencing

MX91602 Video Conferencing


    MC91602-1Chairman Unit / MC91602-2 Delegate Unit:

    The unit has built-in the MCU control circuit,it can realize digitalmanagement,

    it has video auto-tracking function.

    The microphone unit has built-in high fidelity of capacitor sound head, its sound

    quality is clear and low noise,it has strong pickup distance and it has suppression the howling function.

    The meeting model:FIFO/LIMIT/FREE/CHAIRMAN.

    The chairman unit can turn down the delegate for anytime by priority button.

    The base blue indicator lamp can show the working status on microphone.

    The base of material is metal.

    It use the long life service and no noise of touch switch.

    Technical parameters

    Type: Condenser

    MC91602 Video Conference

    Directivity: Hypercardioid
    Frequency response: 60 Hz -14 KHz
    Sensitivity: -45±2 dB @1KHz
    Input voltage: DC 24V(Central Processor Powered by)
    The minimum output impedance: 1KΩ
    Signal to noise ratio: 68dB(A)
    Output Socket: 8P terminal block
    Cables: 3M x T-type wire
    Accessories: windyproof sponge/3M x T-type wir

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