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  • DSP-1616 Digital Audio Processor matrix
  • DSP-1616 Digital Audio Processor matrix

DSP-1616 Digital Audio Processor matrix


    DSP features

    The DSP series is a powerful digital audio processor that uses the fourth-generation ADSP-21489

    floating-point audio DSP from ADI SHARC to provide the highest performance 400 MHz/2200 MFLOP

    processor capability. Ultra-low noise floor preamplifier circuit, low distortion analog circuit, 114dB audio

    AD, DA, provide high-quality sound quality for the site.The front panel of the device must show the

    volume status, that can display all the input 16 and output 16 channel volume status; the LCD display

    of the front panel can display the current IP address of the device, the current preset number used by

    the processor, and the preset name. It is easy for administrators to quickly identify and differentiate the

    current processor when there are multiple processors in the system. The front panel has a network

    connection status indicator and an error alarm indicator. When a serious error occurs, a red alarm indication flashes.

    Can connect with Android system, support smart phone or tablet PC control software package.

    Powerful DSP processor capabilities

    Based on the super powerful ADSP-21489 super powerful DSP processing capability and based on our

    unique core DSP method, we have built-in independent 16-channel extremely low-distortion adaptive

    feedback suppressor, 16-channel noise gate, 16-channel input limiter , 16-channel 16-band PEQ,

    16-channel input 48dB slope high-pass low-pass filter, 16-channel 1 second delay, means that you can

    make precise and careful settings for each input audio channel. 16x16 full matrix mixing,

    free mixing of any input channel. Each of the 16 output channels has an independent 16-band PEQ,

    compressor limiter, 48dB slope high-pass low pass, and 2 second delay.

    Built-in sine wave, pink noise, white noise signal generator. 32 Presets can be stored.

    DSP-1616 Digital Audio Processor matrix

    DSP-1616 Digi Audio Processor matrix

    Technical parameters

    Nominal input level :+4 dBu line/-40 dBu mic level

    Microphone preamplifier gain: 0-40 dBAnalog gain,20dBDigital gain

    Maximum input level: +20dBu

    Input impedance: >5 kΩ(balance),>3kΩ(Non equilibrium)

    Common mode rejection ratio(CMRR): >70dB @ 1 kHz

    Pre amplified equivalent input noise(EI N): <-125 dBu, 2 2Hz - 22kHz

    Phantom Power: +48 V DC

    Audio output: 8~20channels for balance line level, Phoenix plug

    Nominal output level :0 dBu Line level

    Output impedance: 600 Ω(balance)

    Frequency and processing ability(DSP): 400Mhz,400MIPS,2200 MFLOP

    Sampling frequency / quantization: 48 kHz,24Bi t ADC,24Bi t DAC

    frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz, + /- 0. 5 dB

    Dynamic range: 114 dB,ADC, DAC

    Total harmonic distortion:<0. 01%;20Hz~20kHz@+4dBu

    Inter channel crosstalk: >-80 dB @ 1 kHz,

    Device sizeWxDxH: 2U,482 mm x 380mm x88mm

    Power Supply: 100~240VA,50/60 Hz,75W

    Work environment Maximum ambient operating temperature:40°C

    DSP-1616 Digital Audio Processor matrix

    DSP-1616 Digital Audio Processor matrix dimensions

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