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May Technology Company Limited



Why us?

As a trading company, we aim to find a factory right for you and become a superconnector in all the trades.

The number of factories in China is staggering. There were, are and will be millions of factories in China. There should be a perfect factory out there, right? How can you know which ones specialize in the type of manufaturing you need or which ones are sized appropriatedly to meet your demands? Or how do you discover which factories are eager to cooperate and build new business? Which ones have just lost many of their experienced workers to another factory or routinely receively a very large seasonal PO from a long-term customers that will cause your production to be delayed many weeks? Which factories have a reputation for inconsistent quality or poor management?

All factory and product images look great on a Chinese website, but it's impossible to learn any thing of real value online. There is where May Technology comes in.

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