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  • MX880 digital wireless
  • MX880 digital wireless
  • MX880 digital wireless
  • MX880 digital wireless

MX880 digital wireless


    MX880 Overview

    With high flexibility and reliability, our UHF wireless conference system is an ideal choice for mobile conference systems.

    It offers simple operation, compact structures. The wireless conference system can be perfectly integrated into any meeting rooms,

    without additional wiring. It’s the best wireless conference solutions for small-scale conferences.Wireless meeting system receiver unit ,

    wireless chairman microphone , wireless delegate microphone , battery charger , etc.

    MX880-1 Chairman Unit / MC880-2 Delegate Unit:

    The microphone unit has discussion and auto-tracking functions.

    It using the flocking to process. It has built-in antena and

    rechargeable lithium battery for each unit and equip MINI USB

    charger. The annular blue indicator lamp can show the working

    state of the microphone. The chairman unit can set the system

    working model: FIFO,LIMIT And FREE/CHAIRMAN.

    The unit has built-in high fidelty of capacitor sound head ,its sound quality is clear and low noise.

    The chairman unit can turn down the delegate unit for anytime by priority button.

    Its appearance is design patent.

    Technical parameters

    Power: DC 3.7V -- 5V

    MC880 Digital Wireless

    Power consumption:

    Standby state≦360mW,

    Working state≦630mW

    Working temperature: -10℃ -- 40℃
    Length of gooseneck: 380mm
    Communication model: UHF
    Channels: 5 Channels
    Frequency range: 500MHz --- 950MHz
    Modulation model: FM
    Maximum modulation: 60K
    Radiation power: ≦+9dBm
    requency deviation: <0.002
    Reference speaker distance: 10cm--30cm
    Size(W×H×D): 180mm×48mm×119mm
    N.W: 0.8 kg

      MX880 Main unit System features

      Our MC880 series of features simple operation and high flexibility.This system can be

      connected to multiple devices. For this wireless conference system, there is no need to

      connect the conference units.This system can be quickly installed without trouble some

      arrangment. There are 255 unit of microphones in one system,among which 5 people can

      be speak at the same time. The digital wireless conference system supports the rotation,

      limit and chariman priority model. The system working state can be show on the main unit

      of LCD. The conference system has auto-tracking function for connect the video processor.

      Technical parameters

      Audio channel


      Transmission method UHF Wireless (one way)
      Audio channel 5 (1 chairman,4 delegate)
      Carrier frequency band 500MHz~950MHz
      Modulation method FM
      Receiving sensitivity -100dBM
      Audio gain ≤20
      Frequency response 50Hz-15KHz
      S/N Ratio 85dB
      T.H.D. 0.8%
      Data control channel Transmission method Wireless (two-way)
      Data channel 16
      Frequency Range 422.4MHz ~ 438.4MHz
      Modulation method FSK
      Receiving sensitivity -100dBM
      Transmission consumption ≤6dBm
      Communication rate 100KBPS
      Frequency deviation 0.002
      System Power supply DC12~15V 1A
      Signal covering range Radius 60 meters
      Consumption Rating 7W
      Operating temperature range -10-40 degree
      Dimensions 485×355×85mm
      N.W 7kg


      It has bulit-in large power of switching power supply

      It can be charging 28 units microphone at the same time.

      It has over power protection,over current protection and short circuit protection functions.

      Intput:AC 200-240V 50/60Hz 200W max

      Output:DC 5V, 21000mA

      Efficiency:75%typ,Under full load

      Output voltage tolerance:±5%

      Low standby power consumption:0.5W max

      Output interface:28 channels, standard USB interface


      Mea time between failure:100,00(The maximum load condition)


        MX880B wireless video processor

        This processor using a new digital of design.

        It can support 8 cameras in one conference system.

        It has 256 camera position tracking of control points.

        It support PELCO-D9600 VISCA-SONY of camera protocol.

        It can through the interface of RS232 to connect computer or video matrix or much more of device.

        It has built-in (8 input ,2 output) of video switch matrix.

        It can be installed in a standard rack of 19-inch.

        Power supply: AC220V/5W

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