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  • MX 9160 Video Conferencing
  • MX 9160 Video Conferencing
  • MX 9160 Video Conferencing

MX 9160 Video Conferencing


    MX9160-1 Chairman Unit / MX9160-2 Delegate Unit:

    MCU control circuit, digital management, automatic video tracking / Discussion feature.

    Innovative designs, decent, has been the national utility model and design patents.

    Multiple operating modes: FIFO / chairman priority / Limit the number / full open mode.

    Built-in high-fidelity capacitive sound head, so that the sound reproduction is good, high definition, low noise.

    Efficient howling suppression, super pickup effect.

    Chairman unit off at any time without any restriction on behalf of unit, which fully demonstrates precedence.

    Aviation microphone plug, 315 degree omni-directional bending copper hose.

    Microphone is turned on, the microphone indicator lights blue.

    Technical parameters

    Type: Condenser

    MC9160 Video Conference Unit

    Directivity: Hypercardioid
    Frequency response: 60 Hz -14 KHz
    Sensitivity: -45±2 dB @1KHz
    Input voltage: DC 24V(Central Processor Powered by)
    The minimum output impedance: 1KΩ
    Signal to noise ratio: 68dB(A)
    Output Socket: 8P terminal block
    Cables: 2.1m 8P shielded wire
    Accessories: Wind sponge

Using industry standard CAN bus. Makes the system run more stable and reliable data transmission.

90 units can be connected to conference microphone unit, three-channel microphone outputs,

each channel can be connected to 30 units, plus extension unit can connect up to 256 microphone

units can be connected up to 928 units of pure voting unit.

Control panel with LCD screen, display the current operating mode and status of the system,

more intuitive and user friendly.

USB encryption key green computer software to run the system controller to operate,

more convenient, accurate and stable.

Electronic sign, vote / election / scoring function.

Intelligent video automatic tracking function.

Access up to eight high-speed PTZ cameras simultaneously, can also be connected toa

high-definition camera.

4+1 HD 1080P video matrix function.

4+1 SD video matrix function.

Multiple operating modes: restricted mode / FIFO mode / full open mode

/ chairman priority mode.

Control multiple PTZ protocols, strong compatibility: Pelco_P / VISCA_SONY-D70

/ SAMSUNG / Pelco _D protocol.

    Conference system connection diagram

    Technical parameters

    Rated voltage:

    AC220V±10% 50Hz

    Frequency response:


    Output impedance:





    Signal to noise ratio: 78dB(1KHz THD1%)
    Size: 480X375X95mm (2U "international standard rack)
    Weight: 7.5kg

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