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MX310 Wireless Conferencing system


    MX310 Wireless Conference Microphone:

    When the microphone is turned on, the head light ring light

    Microphone has a low battery warning indicator

    Has an independent output and mix output, which can be accessed mixer or amplifier

    Power supply: AC220V 50Hz receiver transmitter DC9V

    Microphone Power consumption: 35mA

    Carrier Frequency: VHF220 ~ 270MHz

    Frequency stability: ± 0.002%

    SNR:> 98dB

    Adjacent channel interference ratio:> 80dB

    Dynamic range:> 90dB

    Harmonic distortion:<0.5%

    Type: Capacitive

    Polarity mode: a single point

    Frequency Response: 60Hz ~ 16000Hz

    Microphone Sensitivity: -47 ± 3dB @ 1KHz

    Receiver sensitivity: 50us (SINAD = 20dB)

    Audio output: 0 ~ ± 400mv independent mixed 0 ~ ± 300mv

    Temperature range: -10 ℃ ~ 55 ℃

    Introduction :

    MX310 Professional Wireless Microphone quartz oscillator circuit has a very high frequency stability ; multi-level narrow-band high-frequency filter, fully eliminate the interference signal. By using traditional low- frequency wireless microphone muting circuit , the strength of the RF signal are analyzed , they can not keep the noise signal and the need to distinguish ; in noisy RF environment ( such as CD / VCD / LD and other digital equipment emits under the large number of harmonics ) used in the transmitter 's signal is weak or turned off, the mute circuit may suddenly open , the receiver will send a strong blast of noise . To solve this problem , we designed this professional-grade wireless conference microphone. Multi- level narrow-band high-frequency filter , the first transmitting and receiving a high- frequency digital noise suppression circuit , which analyzes the intensity of the signal quality than the signal , when the transmission signal is high , the low-noise sound classification system , the receiver allows the sound through when the emission signal is weak or no signal , the system noise level is high, the receiver will suppress circuit silencer , which has ruled out the annoying crackling through your receiver possibilities

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